1. If you found this page and were able to enter it you are invited to participate.
  2. You must use a tracker from You agree that your tracker will be added to a shared and public tracking page for the whole duration of the event. You need to get, return and pay the tracker yourself.
  3. You need to do the course in a non-stop style with a total time limit of 135 h (3 km/h).
  4. It is allowed to use shops, gas stations, hotels, etc. along the way as long as you stay within the time limit.
  5. You need to request for the final GPX track via E-Mail through
  6. It is allowed to have a support crew.
  7. You need to complete the whole distance on your own feet without any the help of any transportation means (poles are allowed).
  8. It is mandatory to hand in prove of your attempt via E-Mail to (exported .gpx/.fit file) otherwise your attempt is invalid.
  9. Successful attempts will be listed on this page.
  10. This is not an organized event, this is a private challenge. Everyone is responsible for his/her own safety.
  11. Hashtag of the event is #lux400