LOTR Sl@m 2024/2025

We have been quiet for too long. The memories of the Titanic Slam and the Marvel Slam are slowly fading. Lately we have been visiting the caves – and what we felt deep down there in the perfect silence and darkness is worrying.

The shadows started moving.
What should have stayed silent for good is no longer motionless.
Buried memories slowly freeing themselves.

So it is time for us – all of us together – to step up and rise once more. acceptnolimits.eu and pfadsucher.com joint forces proudly presenting you the LOTR Slam 2025.

And here is how it works // Rules:

  1. Join the Slam by entering your name in the Sheet.
  2. Complete the entry challenge run until 31.12.2024 23:59 (time limit: 48h).
  3. All finishers of the entry challenge will enter the LOTR Slam 2025.
  4. The entry challenge is completely free – the fee for the Slam in 2025 will be 40€. This money will be used to strengthens the determination to finish. The money will be used to buy finisher presents and will be distributed amongst the finishers. Non-profit. No nonsense. This concept worked nicely during Marvel Slam.
  5. You will get 4 tracks to complete between 01.01. – 31.12.2025 to finish the Slam:
    1. First 3 .gpx files will be available latest 01.01.2025
    2. You will get the 4th and final track only after completion of the first 3
    3. Time limit: 48h for each track
  6. It is mandatory to submit .gpx, .fit, or other prove of completion of each of the runs to slam@acceptnolimits.eu. Once done we will list your result in the sheet.

There is a FB group with attendees of the past and current slams – let us know if you want to be part of it. It is a good habit that participants publish their plans, look for fellow runners to group and make live-tracking available through trackers from legendstracking.com. Makes it easier to follow, to join and to support.

Join a unique challenge and a unique community. The fire of underground ultra running is burning! The hashtag for all posts amongst the LOTR Slam is #lotrslam2025. Follow us to stay up-to date: