KATE180 2020/2021

As LEO180 has a weak year – we proudly present KATE180. You already have the password to this page so you may consider yourself as invited. We will have a self-supported adventure – you should know what this means. The track has 205k and between 4k and 5k of elevation gain. The average speed will be around 5 km/h in total – if all goes well. That means we will need roughly 40h – be aware of this!

Here is the link to the GPX: https://www.afstandmeten.nl/index.php?id=2841000

Start/Finish location & start time:

Ludwig-Kuhnen-Stadion Aachen, Ecke Forster Weg/Branderhofer Weg
21.05.2021 TBD

Update 31.07.2020:

Guys – it is done. The track is ready. 205k – 4800 m D+. Now is the time to back out – or accept it. There will no further updates, the final GPX-track will be shared on 24.10.2020 – no need to spread panic before. It is a difficult but amazingly beautiful tour featuring tons of beautiful stretches of nature. We will have lots of that remote feeling on our way. A few parts are also new to us so we will see how it looks there. Björn and me quickly discussed if we should arrange support but decided not to do so. We will have a self-supported 200k. You should have an idea how that may feel. Lets face it as a group, understand it as an adventure. As self-supported in the FKT guidelines allows to place supply along the way before the event we may think of hiding water somewhere to not run into serious troubles. Lets see how the weather turns out to behave. We will update one week before it starts. All will be well. Maybe. To give you an idea see below roadbook:


Stage 1 – 46.15k – 1004D+:

We will leave Aachen mAMa-like but without visiting the old schooting area to not lose a few hours so early in the game. We will cross the former Camp Gabrielle (if there are any buildings left from the construction work going on there at the moment). We will remain on the mAMa track following Iterbach and Inde (M&M know the area all flooded). We should probably avoid to stay in the water for too long given the long distance ahead. After leaving the Inde river we will pass by the Dreilägerbachtalsperre and check the planks at Struffelt. The next section is the Hasselbachtalgraben – slowly but steady up on a traily ground. After some more easy terrain we will check in at Todtenbruch (I guess I have never been there before) and will finally run down to Simonskall.

Stage 1

Stage 2 – 43.55k – 1415D+:

This stage is all about water. After climbing up to the L246 we will run down to the Rursee. The next section is all about climbing up and down the Rursee hills. We will leave the Rursee, cross the Wildbretshügel and start to explore another water: the Urftsee. One of the highlights will be Burg Vogelsang followed by the Dreiborner Hochfläche. Lets hop for miserable weather to protect us from the beautiful views. This stage will finally end in Einruhr where we may find an open restaurant if we are lucky.

Stage 2

Stage 3 – 72.40k – 1738D+:

Well. Hautes Fagnes, Signal de Botrange, Baraque Michel – do we have to say more? The first 20k will still be within the Nationalpark Eifel. Basically all going up. And a bit down to have some entertainment. Then we will enter Hautes Fagnes. Always fun in the middle of the night. From Baraque Michel we will climb down to Lac Gileppe before we will try to rescue our lifes by looking for some shelter and supply in Eupen. Tough. Long. Probably no humans. No chance for supply. This will be a stage for those who like amusement.

Stage 3

Stage 4 – 41.97k – 931D+:

First things first: we will have an unnecessary visit of some swampy parts uphill of Wesertalsperre before we finally turn our direction back to Aachen. We will visit Raeren and use the last part of the mAMa track to first get back to Aachen and to have a bit of fun in the nice forest of Aachen. This will be a blast.

Stage 4


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