Dead Marshes Loop 1 // June 2024

Things sometimes don´t go according to plan. We did not manage to finish the 208k of Dead Marshes; somewhat around 80k most of the group decided to stop after loop 1 // 120k. The rest of the group took a while with accepting this fact but was happy with the decision after a while. All in all a really nice experience out there with the those two. It really is different to attempt do ultras with the experts and even better to sustain through surprisingly dark moments on this shorter run. Everyone stayed calm when things went sideways in an unexpected way. We have seen the all shades of that darkness – although we expected it 100k later.

I have to admit – to see Dead Marshes in the summer was a blast – quite different to my first attempt in March 2024.

Pictures by Maarten, Marek and me.

Maarten did his usual genius on the collected video impressions and formed another masterpiece:

Climb Score view from Runalyze

If you want to find out more about it – refer to the LOTR Slam pages here and here.

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