LEO180 – too far.

As I was the one for whom the LEO180 2017 was too far away from beeing doable – just a short notice: we had a nice weekend, met tons of new friends and connected with fantastic dutch, belgian and france ultrarunners. We saw really strong performances on an interesting track this weekend.

Congrats to our VPsucher – for him the LEO180 was probably not far enough ;). He might not have found as many aid stations he is used to but finished third in amazing 29h54m for 191.31 km.


As for me – I maybe should think about the whole running stuff. At the moment I´m not in a condition to be able to endure what is coming on those runs. And if this does not change …

M&M and the whole team, supporters and runners – it was a real pleasure this weekend! Bedankt!

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