2020 – narrow escape

It is time to draw the line and to sum up a very interesting year 2020. With what was and is going on in this viral world I consider myself as extremely lucky: a few plans had to change a bit but I was able to start almost each and every run (one exception: TTdR100 was cancelled and will be held in 2021) on the 2020 agenda. It was a narrow escape.

We started off where 2019 had ended: in BEL. Visiting Hautes Fagnes in winter is a blast. Reminder to myself: do not do this again.

On track.

In February we had our yearly edition of mAMa. Some said afterwards they got wet feet. But this can´t be true.

mAMa 2020 – for the beauty of it.

Next stop was #3 in the Legends Trail Slam series. It was the Legends Trail himself end of February. Lots of people told me stories about it before – to do it myself was way more intense compared with anything I did so far. Standing there in the pouring rain after 200k and 48h in the race – not able to locate CP4 for more then 10 minutes – this memory is still so present as if it happened yesterday. What a fool I was. How incapable, how destroyed. Leaving CP4 again to face night number 3 and 60 more kilometers without any sleep was probably THE moment of 2020. The turning point. It was a horrible night. It was a long night. It was surreal and half of the things I saw were hallucinations. But I met a few friends along the way – both running in my and in the opposite direction (LT500 course) and I knew somewhere deep down that the reward of going through that would last.

Montane Legends Trail LT250 2020

The recovery from the 261k Legends Trail took a very long time. In the new COVID-19 world running re-started with a few non-sense running challenges and finally, in June, we used a low-viral moment to meet for a group run and post LT discussions: UTDS Legends Edition. Finally some sleep in the Ardennes!

UTDS+2020: finally some rest and sleep.

It was a bit tough to wait for the final decision on whether or not the final run of the Legends Slam series could/would take place. At the end I was one of the lucky ones being able to participate in the physical edition of Another One Bites the Dust 2020. Only 13 runners in a format which was new to me. It was a very special race in multiple ways. At the end the Slam was done.

We did this. Another One Bites the Dust 2020.

September finally offered the chance to have the first long run together with Björn in 2020 – 150k GR Hageland – again in Belgium. It was good to run and walk together again.

150k GR Hageland, September 2020.

The final long run in 2020 was the attempt to finish the self-designed KATE180 run. Due to the new rules only the two of us started together – and DNFed after 100 miles. It was too much at the end. The track seems to be nice and covers a variety of beautiful sceneries. No one ever finished it though but I have the feeling that this may change in 2021.

KATE180 2020 DNF

In total 4 runs of 100 miles and more in 2020 setting the total count in this category to 18.

Shout outs to Björn, Maarten, Marek, Olav, „One-more-loop“ Jozef, Mike, Adrian, Stef, Tim and Fanny. We shared moments of 2020 together which will last. Thank you for the pushing, the challenges, the dedication, the nonsense, the support and the company.

Long distance running offered a new level of intensity this year. Not all of it was comfortable – some parts have been horrible and frightening. But it was a great feeling to understand that if I dig deep enough a reward waits at the end of all the suffering.

With all that said – there is one last really sad thing to say about 2020: no coke. Again. When will this end?


Ausblick 2020: die Kurzstrecke

Zwei Läufe sind schon gemeldet in 2020 und es zeichnet sich ein neuer, überraschender Trend ab. Es geht immer auf die Kürzeste aller möglichen Strecken bei den jeweiligen Veranstaltungen. Ganz ungewohnt das Kreuz nicht ganz unten sondern ganz oben zu machen. Das wird wohl bedeuten Tempo und Intervall-Trainingssessions in den Alltag einzubauen.

Was auch immer für Tipps es von Euch da draußen gibt, die mir dabei helfen können sind herzlich willkommen. Wie lang müssen die Intervalle sein, wie häufig sollten Intervalle trainiert werden, sind 15 km Intervalle zu kurz oder ok? Gehpausen dazwischen? Immer her mit den Vorschlägen!

Die beiden kurzen Läufe im ersten Halbjahr 2020 sind:

Kurzstrecke beim Legends-Trail im Februar 2020
Bambini-Lauf bei der TorTour de Ruhr im Mai 2020

Weitere Laufpläne für 2020 sind zwar grob vorhanden, aber noch ist nichts fest zugesagt. Die Herausforderung im Februar wird in den nächsten Wochen alle Konzentration benötigen – danach sehen wir weiter.

TorTour de Ruhr 2020

2016: Ruhr Hundert (160,9 km):

2018: ULTRAMARATHON (230 km):

2020: Startnummer: 10078 – Bambinilauf (100 km)

2020 ist die letzte verbleibende Distanz an der Ruhr an der Reihe: der Bambinilauf! Es wird sicher schön und angenehm die TorTour de Ruhr an einem Tag abzuhaken. Nicht. Kurze Distanzen verleiten zum rennen. Es gilt wohl noch viel mehr als sonst diszipliniert ans Werk zu gehen.

Es waren in 2016 und 2018 wunderbare Erlebnisse an diesem schönen Fluss. Dinge sind ins Rollen geraten, die sich bisher nicht mehr haben aufhalten lassen. Die Erlebnisse mit den Crews zusammen den Fluss hinab – es war wunderbar. Auf diesem Wege einen tiefen Dank für diese wunderbaren Läufe an unsere Crews und auch diese tolle Veranstaltung. Noch ein (letztes?) Mal will ich an den Fluss um mit den 100 Kilometern quasi von meinem Elternhaus nach Duisburg die Geschichte zu Ende zu schreiben. Wir sehen uns Pfingsten 2020 in Hagen!