5 years

Already 5 years ago since the first contact, 5 years ago since the first registration for a LEO180 – who could have guessed what would happen. Luckily you decided to accept that application and we showed up in NL. The rest is history in the making.

Funny enough we hardly run together for a variety of reasons. Funny enough most of the times we talk and chat nonsense. Funny enough most of the times we like to make fun of each other.

And still: some things changed in the last 5 years.

Looking out of the window into the howling and ice-cold winter storm I am nowadays honestly thankful for the possibility to stay indoor and not being on one of the things we create. On the other hand: what a pity and what a wasted chance for some memorable moments.

When I nowadays meet someone on a Thursday night in knee deep mud we say “hello” and continue as if it the most normal thing in the world.

When you set me lose in Noord-Brabant I will find my way to Coca-Cola in Tilburg.

My favourite radio station is SLAM!

I sometimes carry an empty Coke bottle with me while running.


Happy Anniversary! Cheers!


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