The other review!

Dear NB-team,

18 month ago I bought a pair of Fresh foam 1080 at “Wat läuft” in Bochum, Germany. I know you never asked for a review, it is way too late and you probably don´t care. I just thought that my test period was long enough to give you a quick feedback on the performance of this shoe.

It is a really, really comfortable shoe – felt perfect on my foot from the very first step 18 month ago to the (preliminary) last step during today´s run. Except for the really high mountains, I used the shoe on all imaginable kind of terrain. And even where the terrain merged into wilderness – the performance was brilliant. Rocks, heat, water, cold, snow, mud, thorns – it is a true all rounder! Ah yes – the shoe is also good on the street :).

With a tear in my eye I decided today that it is time to use my pair of Fresh foam only on the streets from now on. I think my pair deserves some more easy tasks and kilometers.

To conclude: a really comfortable and perfect fit (at least for me) pair of running shoes. After 3000 km I noticed some weak points (see pictures below). Although the air and water in and out-flow is now way better then before – on really tough trails the foot feels a bit loose newly. But for the first 3000 km everything works perfect. You might want to think about tougher material on the heel part of the shoe?!

Thanks for the shoe – it took me along a lot of really nice runs! Heading for 4000 km now!


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