NRW Challenge 2021

Simple Rules: start an activity (run/walk) at each of the 24 daily hours in February 2021. Go outside. Cover each of the 7 days as well. Each of the activities needs a minimum of 45 min duration and a minimum of 5 km distance. Most horrible rule of all: there need to be a mandatory 90 min break between two activities where you need to wait (a long run with switching your watch on and off does not count for multiple hours). It is meant to break the routine and yes: it should feel a bit nasty – at least sometimes.

All started 2019 with a stupid idea and it was continued with success in 2020. Alex asked to take-over and push this “beautiful idea” to the next level:

NRW-Challenge results so far:

  • 15 days and 13 hours in 2020
  • 14 days and 15 hours in 2021
  • do we have to do it again in 02/2022?
No Rest for the Wicked 2021 – 14 days & 15 hours

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