Resurrection Of The Insane

It was time to re-start beating the nights. Good that M&M our good old LEO friends had the same feeling and invited us for a nice group rund with the nice name “Resurrection Of The Insane”. The story behind that will only be shared with those who show up.

Track had been posted in a closed FB group a week before the event. So we packed our backpacks and drove to a parking lot near Maasmechelen, Belgium. 5 Dutch runners plus us made the glorious 7 which decided to conquer whatever would be waiting out there. A group full of that experienced runners has a nice dynamic. Although there are obvious differences in the running speeds and styles all of us had everything under control. If you have a slow day you go slow, if you fell like running extra stupid off trail section you do that, if you have the feeling speed hiking is the way to go. Everyone knows exactly what to do when to survive the task ahead. And the rest of the group adapts to whatever changes needed.

It turned out to be a quite wet (ground), sometimes traily 52 k run/speedwalk event. Lots of jokes, laughter and chats should accompany us through the night. We had a beautiful beer stop and a surprise CP from Ingo with hot soup and coke/coffee. The second half of the run was really cold – winter is finally here. We finished the 52 k in 7:36 h. All in all an exhausting but nice weekend start. Good to finally spend some hours out there with M&M and the others out there. Time to talk and get to know each other better. Thanks for the invite – count on us when the next stupid idea needs to be realised!

Whats next? Pfadsucher will run the Bello Gallico 100 Mile as last event in 2019 in two weeks. This will be the second run in the Grand Slam series. No time to rest after Bello Gallico. An intensive January will be needed to do the final preparation for what is waiting February 2020. Stay tuned!

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