***KATE180 LIVE***

What should have been a group run was cut down to the two of us – what should have been flexibel, spontaneous and for idiots only is now even more flexible and spontaneous. No idiots though.

In around two hours we will be off. Out there again. For no reason.

Although we may miss our friends we will try to have a fabulous time. It is time to start a new challenge – lets finally kick-off our Slam. It is the bond between ultra runners that unites and pushes us. In NL and DE there are in total 8 runners attempt to finish 200k+ distances starting today. Apart but united. Not noticed by many, understood from only a few. Amazing how quickly this escalated.

Live-tracking of the two of us below:


*** UTDS plus 2020 ***

Time for a little adventure next weekend to finally kickoff ultra-running after this period of social distancing and closed borders. It will be a pleasure to be able to meet this group of extraordinary runners and to finally be able to go back to a nice patch of Belgium: the Ardennes.

We chose the UTDS (Ultra Tour des Sources) a permanent market Extratrail route with a few „improvements“ to include some beautiful parts the original UTDS track avoids for whatever reasons. The final distance is around 100 Miles with approx. 5000 m D+ and the scenery will be stunning.

We will start at 0800 „sharp“ on Saturday 04.07.2020 and as we like to bore you to death there will be a live tracking. To bore you even more there will be only one dot as we will stick together as a group. ONE. DOT. It may be the purest and most intense Legends Tracking experience you will have in your entire life so make sure to enjoy every second. There you go:


*** Legends Trail 250 LIVE ***

It is time. Montane Legends Trail is waiting. The 250 km edition will be approx. 260km long with around 7100 m of elevation gain. The cutoff should be somewhat around 60-65h. With a start on Friday 6 p.m. this means this beast have to be beaten until Monday morning. Three nights, two days and one mission: keep on moving until it is no longer possible. And then continue. Relentless. Until its done.

Legendstracking provides the usual dot-watch-fun!

Most of all, the ultra distance leaves you alone with your thoughts to an excruciating extent. Whatever song you have in your head had better be a good one. Whatever story you are telling yourself had better be a story about going on. There is no room for negativity. The reason most people quit has nothing to do with their body.“
Scott J.

LEO180 2019


Lots of running for a Christmas Party. Well – lets do it then. What about dot watching?

There you go: http://bellogallico100.legendstracking.com

The easier the things look the more likely is the failure.

***LIVE STUNT100 2019***

Der Pfadsucher begibt sich also zum wiederholten Mal auf die 4 fröhlichen Runde in Sibbesse. Viel „Live“ wird es dieses Mal nicht geben – Konzentration auf den Lauf ist angesagt. Schaut mal auf der STUNT-Webseite vorbei, dort schreibt Hansi oft einen Live-Ticker. Wenn dem so ist, sollte es leicht zu finden sein! Bis bald also!


*** LIVE DH362 ***

TRUE! –nervous –very, very dreadfully nervous I have been and am; but
why will you say that I am mad? The running has sharpened my senses
–not destroyed –not dulled them. Above all is the sense of humor
acute. I laugh about all things in the heaven and in the earth. I laugh
at many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how
healthily –how calmly I can tell you the whole story.

Link zum Livetracking: http://duinhopper.legendstracking.com

Der VPsucher ist unterwegs. Der Duinhopper 2019 steht an – 362 km nonstop an der Küste unseres schönen Nachbarlandes. Der Pfadsucher livetrackt fleißig und drückt die Daumen: Whatever may help my friend it shall last ´til the very end!

KM151 – 24h. He seems to be happy!
KM 204 – 33h. Second night is coming!

Samstag 10:00: Alles was an Informationen von der Strecke kommt sieht es gut aus. Es ist sicher anstrengend und es sind noch knapp über 100 km. Aber es ist Zeit genug. Die dritte Dunkelheit wird ihn treffen aber ein Finish am frühen Sonntagmorgen scheint möglich. Unfassbare Performance!

Er wird daran denken dass es für alle gleich ist, dass es immer gute und weniger gute Tage während eines Laufs gibt und dass man sich zwar viel wünschen kann aber man die Realität nehmen muss wie sie ist!

Es hat sich angebahnt – er hat es brutal durchgezogen: der Sieg beim Duinhopper 2019 in 63 Stunden und 42 Minuten ist geschafft! Die Worte diese Leistung zu erklären kann nur er selbst finden. Das Ding bekommt er jedenfalls nie mehr aus seinem Kerbholz. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Björn!